How does it work?

'Hello Card' is a NFC enabled tag which allows you to share information with other NFC enabled devices (most modern mobile phones and tablets have "NFC reader" built-in).

You need only single 'Hello Card' to make it work. Your recipient (friend or somebody else) should only have NFC enabled in their device settings (they are not required to have Hello Card).

NFC tag sends a website link with your profile, which opens inside a web browser of the recipient's device (the internet connection is required).

nfc schema

What’s inside the box?

In the package you will receive short instruction and the 'Hello Card' itself.


How to setup?

No setup required. Your 'Hello Card' will be ready for use right away!

What is the size of the tag?

The diameter of the tag is about 1 in. (2.5 cm.).

Does it work with phone cases?

We have tested the Hello Card with multiple phone cases and haven’t noticed any issue. Please, keep in mind that there is a chance that it may not work with too thick and/or metal cases.

How to customize?

You can customize your design and other information by logging into your 'Hello Card' account at Login page.


Why preorder?

By placing a pre-order you 🔒 lock the currently displayed price and also get exclusive features for pre-order users only.

Keep in mind that pre-order does not require payment right away, you will be asked to pay only when the product is finally ready to be shipped.

Pre-Order Now

When will you ship the product?

As soon as the pre-order period is finished you will get an email notification with further instructions.

Keep in mind that there is a chance that the project might be delayed or even canceled if demand would be too low.